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Get ready for this action-packed performance incorporating Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Tricking, and Acrobatics all in one amazing show


Over 1000 bridal parties have stood out of their seats to this roller coaster of a show 

Entertain your wedding guests and get the bridal party jumping to the best stunt and dance show in wedding entertainment. This show centers on the bridal party

High octane music powers the performers through the most gravity defying stunts imaginable, incorporating dance and fire tricks to truly make your wedding one to remember.


  • Team Dance Routines – Hip Hop and Cheer Leading

  • Adagio Routines- Couple Strength Holds

  • Acrobatics - Synchronised Routines

  • Indoor Fireworks Package

  • Fire Breathing and Fire Stunts

  • Balancing Chairs

Show Features

Optional Extras

"The performance was amazing. My wife, myself and all the guests were all very happy. The guests were off there seats with excitement. Please thank them very much."

Charlie & Dalia 20.02.17