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Get ready for this action-packed performance incorporating Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Tricking, and Acrobatics all in one amazing show


From council events to music festivals, our award winning performers draw the crowds like no other show

We understand each festival is unique, so this show combines the very best dance and stunt routines to get crowds cheering and the event pumping. 

High octane music powers the performers through the most gravity defying stunts imaginable, incorporating dance and fire tricks that suit any festivity.


  • Team Dance Routines – Hip Hop and Cheer Leading

  • Adagio Routines- Couple Strength Holds

  • Acrobatics - Synchronised Routines

  • Workshops - Engage youth through acrobatic, martial arts and more 

  • Fire Breathing and Fire Stunts

  • Balancing Chairs

Show Features

Optional Extras

"Fairfield council were delighted with the turnout, and the world class entertainment."

Cabramatta Moon Festival 2017